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Ishavasyam idam sarvam yat kincha jagatyam jagat,
Ten tyaktena bhunjitha ma gradhah kasya svid dhanam.

[Translation: All that is animate or inanimate in this universe is owned as well as controlled by the God. One should accept (use) for himself only that much as has been set aside for him (by the God) and should not accept (should not lay hand on) other things, knowing to whom that belong.]

Meaning: We all know the laws of nature. Even a small sub atomic particle has a purpose. Existence of one thing depends on another. There is enough for all, even for the smallest of the insects, so that all can happily survive and live their lives. There is no dearth of things that are necessary for one’s survival. Mantra says everything in the universe is owned by the God. God owns this nature for the survival of nature itself. Rivers flow to provide water for all living beings, land produces food for all living beings. There is a balance that is maintained so that all that is animate or inanimate can comfortably survive.
Mantra says that one should use only that much as is necessary for his survival and should leave the rest knowing full well that the rest is for the use of others.
If one thinks of having more than what is needed by him there shall be others who will be deprived of what the God has allotted for them (the others). It is a divine law. It is the theory that has to be accepted as truth. If we flout this law by using force, by cheating or duping others, by propounding alternative theories to misguide or misinform others or in any other manner; we will be following what is untruth.

[An extract from “MAHATMA: A SCIENTIST OF THE INTUITIVELY OBVIOUS”, a book authored by Promod Kumar Sharma]