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Societies are also like men. If they have false pride, they will not be able to elevate themselves. They will fall. Like man, societies should also introspect.

I have found that whenever we found some good happening to people it had never been that much because of the systems or type of solutions that were applied; but because of the strong will to do some good by an individual or more. Humanity will experience a change when more human beings come forward to shoulder their responsibilities. Then, there will be a rule of Dharma.

It needs a detached mind away from success or failure; away from gain or loss; away from fear and greed; with humility tending to zero; to say the following;
Labour was a great leveler of all distinctions.

With above statement we have come only half way down. In all cultures, those who served by deploying their physical labour, had traditionally been at the bottom of social hierarchy. Slaves, servants, sevak…all have always been at the bottom. Is it not true that we have been traditionally viewing physical labour as something inferior? It is also true that almost all the societies and cultures have realized the mistake of dividing human beings as superior and inferior and have been trying to instill the values of equality within them. This had been a positive change.

[An extract from “Mahatma: A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” authored by Promod Kumar Sharma who has also authored “In Search of Wonderful Words.]