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Gandhi said;
We want to prove advait with thirty crores of people. That can happen only when we become like zero. Politics of power is falsehood. We have to do what others look down upon; such constructive work we shall do.

So, that oneness (advait) Gandhi referred to in the quote (immediately preceding the last one) we were discussing. We often find a group of good people elect someone who is not as good as they desire him to be. It happens because we do not often apply the right considerations for electing our representatives. We may bias our opinions with issues like education, caste, religion, gender, status in society etc. and may give least importance to the main issue, that is; candidates’ dedication to serve the people selflessly. People should not have tendency to discriminate a man from another man on worldly considerations.

There is existence of only one, the existence of the Supreme, the universal existence we may call it. We are infinite parts of it. When we realize that we individually are a very insignificant part we become aware of our extreme smallness. We become like zero. But at the same time, when we realize that in spite of being a very insignificant part we also have a role to play in the affairs of the universe we become ‘very important participants’ in the affairs of the universe.

We must realize that our individual actions, thoughts and conduct affect the universe. Therefore, we, individually, are responsible for the affairs of the world and hence, have duties to perform.

[An extract from “Mahatma: A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” authored by Promod Kumar Sharma, who has also written “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]