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How many times in a day do we think about some change? And, how many times in our life do we think about ‘thinking differently’?

When, a scientist thinks differently about his experiment; he may enter into an unknown world, intellectually; and, maybe, the outcome, then, is some invention.

When we think intimately about ourselves differently; maybe we become emotionally surcharged; then, the outcome may elevate us or depress us. But, when we think about the fellow human beings who are in some difficulty, and we think about them a bit differently; that is, without bringing our self interests into consideration, maybe, at least some of us are able to listen to their inner voice. They may experience the vibrations of their souls. We all may experience such vibration momentarily when we watch a stranger dying on a road.

We all experience, some time or the other, a silent revolution brewing within us, but unfortunately we silence it with our own efforts. This is tragic.

Only a little courage is needed to avoid this tragedy.

There have been people who lived in the past or are presently living in the world that possessed or possess such courage in them. It is because of such people that the things have not become hopeless for us. If we give some space to such people in our lives, we will be able to give some meaning to our lives.

[The writer of this blog is the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]