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A little more silence for some more time. Yes, we need it. We need it more often when we are in action. Only Nishkam Karma, a selfless action is the true action. Whatever we do otherwise, is meant for our survival or for satisfying our needs. Our needs may be real, assumed or imagined. The moment we trespass the limit of our real needs and enter into the realm of assumed or imagined needs, we get involved in activities (not selfless actions) that may harm us or the others.

We all, without exception, are powerful souls, a part of the Supreme Soul, an infinite source of energy. There is nothing like ‘a weaker soul’. The misconception, that we, individually, are separate from the One, and the Only One Infinite source of energy, the Supreme Soul, makes us think that some of us have ‘strong souls’ and many others possess ‘weaker souls’.

Similarly, there is one, and the only One type of Energy that maintains and sustains the entire creation, the universe. There cannot be many types of energies, like good or evil energies.

The knowledge, the Vidya, is the knowledge of the truth, the reality; all else is the lack of knowledge or the doubt. Lack of knowledge or doubt is Avidya.

The nature has granted to all of us, without discrimination, full command over the Energy, its Source and the knowledge that we are in command of the energy and its source. But, the knowledge is incomplete unless and until we know and internalize that the infinite energy and its source we are in command of, are shared equally by all that exist in this universe.

The dreadful and intimidating thoughts of the paucity of sources or resources with many of us, or our being under the influence of evil energies or some of us being souls that are weaker than the others arise due to Avidya or doubt.

No doubt, the realization of our limitations and inadequacies never leaves our mind. We own everything, like all others do. The Infinite Source of the Energy has divided itself into infinite parts; all, by themselves, also being of infinite quantum. And, after such division what remains is again, Infinite. Our limitation is that we cannot understand this mathematics. We cannot believe that if we are in full command, others also can be, and, in fact, are in full command.

Once we get settled with the thought that we have everything, only if we are prepared to share it fully and unconditionally with all others, we become complete. We, then, assume full command over infinite source of energy to live on. That energy that maintains and sustains life can just not be evil; because, if that had been the case, the life couldn’t have been there in the universe since time immemorial.

Is it not strange that we keep on going in circles without realizing that we owe our existence to its centre that is equidistant from all the points, infinite in number, on the peripheries of the circles?
The method most suited to us in modern times to get settled with the thought that whatever we have is equally shared by all others in this world is dedicating oneself to selfless service of the others (Nishkam Karma) and restricting our activities to satisfy our real needs. Silence is a state where one can listen to one’s inner voice.

A little more silence for some more time will help us in removing all doubts and gaining true knowledge for leading a meaningful life.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]