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We must always be ready to renew our concepts and commitments according to place, time and circumstances. Renewal is the essential element of life’s process. A portion from the book being reproduced hereunder elucidates this.

“By picking up an important context of our social-political circumstances repeatedly in this book my intention was not that much to highlight that some important constituents of the modern societies are not at all concerned about their harmful deeds and words; but, more importantly, to point my finger to regions where even practical truths need to be deeply probed into and correctly explored. I am fully aware that many of my readers may accuse me of my somewhat unconventional thinking on economic and spiritual issues. Some may even feel offended. With utmost respect for my readers who must have given a big part of their lives to conform to the demand of our society, I beg to state that sometimes falsehood gets so much dissolved in our patterns of life that we; who very sincerely, honestly and diligently apply our thoughts, deeds and words for all that we consider to be good; receive undeserved shock after having come to know that the net outcome of our lives had not been able to generate any good. My readers may please appreciate that I am no different from them and sail in the same boat as they do. The thought and conduct that discriminate more often than not become the cause of sufferings for the mankind; and, as we know, identifying the cause of sufferings are perfectly religious and humanitarian acts.”

[This blog is being presented by PROMOD KUMAR SHARMA, the author of the book “IN SEARCH OF OUR WONDERFUL WORDS”. He has also authored “MAHATMA A SCIENTIST OF THE INTUITIVELY OBVIOUS”.]