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Most people believe that the God exists. I do not know anybody who has seen the God or has had any experiences confirming that He exists. Any thought that denies His existence is like inviting an emotional disaster for us that we can’t tolerate. The absence of the God can’t be managed with any of the alternative thoughts.

Our intellect does not accept Him; and our mind refuses to deny him. Many people like me who have chosen to become somewhat excessively dependent on their intellect, try to convince themselves about the existence of the God with some definitions and concepts of the God that we can think of.

In some corner of our hearts we find a hidden desire to be a God to ourselves. We have never been able to reconcile with the fact that there is no sphere of our lives that we are in total control of. Even some great philosophers who must be admired for being miles ahead of many of us tried to establish the man’s control over his life by saying that the God is an invention of some weak minds. In my book “In Search of Our Wonderful Words” I wrote;

“Much has been said and volumes have been written on this matter, however, the fact remains that although the man has faith in the God, but, he does not deny himself; and also that the man trusts himself, but, does not deny the God.”

Many scriptures that have made it easy for us to understand many crucial matters related to the concept of the God vis-a-vis the human life. They have treated the God as an embodiment of perfection; an ideal that we can try to come close to in many ways. Perhaps, we humans can never match his strength and ‘conduct’, but possibly we can ‘view things’ the way he views them. No doubt, here also, we have made the God to play according to the rules framed by us, because we only have postulated how the God may be viewing the things.

We have said that the God can comprehend the infinite, He can comprehend the minutest of the minute, both from inside and outside, He can think beyond the dimension of the time and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, in this respect also we stand nowhere before him. Let us think more to find out if there is any field where we can come closer to Him.

The one attribute of the God that we can easily agree on is that the God has the ability to think about the universe without keeping Himself at the centre of His thoughts. He can think about the entire universe notwithstanding whether He is included in it or not. I think, this is an area where we can come closer to the God. If billions of mothers can easily avoid thinking about themselves while thinking about their children, the aforesaid attribute of the God becomes humanly acquirable.

In matters of acquiring some good qualities or coming close to some ideal there is no harm in imitating others or the God. Maybe, perfection will not be achieved, but one would reach closer to his target. The thought of completion must, however, be avoided, as there are chances of failure. If a mother says that she loves her child more than others love their children, things start becoming doubtful.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]