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Education begins from learning how to become useful for self and go as far as to make oneself useful for the entire human race. Literacy, information, books and knowledge, etc. are merely a few tools to help us; they are not the targets or the goals.

Those who think that education begins with literacy and ends with some examinations are either uneducated or have dubious intentions.

Why should an ordinary citizen pay for the costly education of his sons and daughters if the cream of the output is taken away by those who are hardly concerned about the ordinary citizen?

An ordinary citizen should pay for the education that benefits him and his future generations physically, intellectually and spiritually.

It is strange that we are pathetically shortsighted about our education system that has a very far reaching impact on the human race.

Education perhaps is the most crucial matter that has to be attended with utmost urgency. It is not easy to erase the imprints of faulty education. What will one do with right thoughts if they are meant for the use of the man who possesses defective intellect because of faulty education?

[The writer of this blog is the author of “In Search of Our Wonderful Words” and “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious”.]