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The democracy, undoubtedly, is the best system the man has ever thought of. However, the larger the size of a democracy bigger the problem, it has to face. A larger size, generally, means bigger challenges of managing wider diversity. Individual freedom, the unique selling point of modern democracy, is being viewed as the essence of democracy. However, the modern man has not earned his freedom.

It was hurriedly granted to him by the impatient leaders who witnessed with lots of surprises, the fast crumbling fortunes of the feudal system. The half baked democracies sold hopes at highly discounted rates to gain power and distributed ‘human rights’ free of cost to the ‘powerful’ people to ensure that they do not lose power. At the end of everything we have been able to realize noisy democracies for the majority of the world. We erroneously think, the noise is the sign of life.

Noise is not merely the loudest sounds of words with little meaning, without meaning or having dubious meanings; it is a stimulant to build an environment that discourages introspection at all levels. We are not very sure whether it was some inherent defect of the feudal system that got exposed or the blinding glare of industrialization and technological changes that deprived the humanity in achieving a mature and sustainable transformation into a democratic system. Perhaps, the dyeing feudal system left its legacy of violence, and also, the newly born industrialization and technological changes failed to create a nonviolent order. The man, overawed with quick changes could not introspect and modify his conduct in the absence of appropriate constructive thoughts. Self-restraint comes from deep introspection and patient and selfless conduct after introspection. When we don’t learn the lesson of self restrain we crib a bit too loudly about the constraints we have to encounter. We, then, create much impotent noise. That noise may not destroy the world, but it has enough potential to destroy constructive thoughts and conduct.

The modern democratic system must learn to decentralize and give opportunities of fair amount self-learning to the modern man. The right governance goes for enabling the people, not spoon feeding them. The right governance helps the people to educate themselves about individual freedom.

[The writer of this blog is the author of “In Search of Our Wonderful Words” and “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious”.]