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A good long hike can be a time of much needed introspection it isn't too bad for your body either
Why do we connect? We connect to permit some flow; the flow of electricity, the flow of water and the flow of heat, for instance. Primarily, we permit flow for enrichment, not draining out. If some draining out has to be there, it has to be to make space for enrichment.

Why do we connect with others? Maybe, to enrich others with what we have, but others don’t have; or to enrich ourselves with what others have that we don’t have. If enrichment is the objective, then one of the two, the outside world or we, has to be a huge reservoir of something that is enriching for all.

Obviously, perpetual renewal, rebuilding, reconstruction and ‘creation’ of resources have to precede connectivity, otherwise we shall land up creating ‘poverty pipe-lines’ of all kinds. We have learned a few things about environmental balances and renewal of energy; and, that we have learned from the nature. The nature permits only those ‘flows’ that enrich the source, the receiver and the ‘medium of connectivity’. The same natural law applies to all that is physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual.

The man has to learn to connect with himself first. If he fails to do it, he would succeed in creating nothing but ‘poverty pipe-lines’ of all kinds; physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual. Introspection is not sitting in a remote corner and talking to oneself; it is talking to the universe, to the whole that sustains this universe.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]