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The people who are not considered much educated do only those things that they have learned. The people who are considered educated also do things that they have learned, but use some ‘foreign’ word, definition or theory to justify why they do a particular thing, and in a  particular way. We have many instructions to give to our young children when they start interacting with the external world. Such instructions have a clear objective to make our children constantly think about protecting their physical self from many threats, real or imaginary, from the external world. The animals also do it, but in their case the threats are always natural, not ‘animal made’. For us, the human beings, the threats are predominantly man made. We give to this process of imparting education to the young children to help them conduct in the human society a nice name; we call it ‘socializing’.

Socializing is meant for making a child a responsible constituent of the society. Any society needs much useful contribution from its constituents for its right growth. A society developed on humanitarian principles and consideration does much to protect the man from such elements that may harm him. The proper development of any society comes first; the protection of man is consequential. A society that does not breathe the thought of humanity is nothing but a disorderly mob of human beings. Whatever we tell our young ones is all useless if the underlying thoughts do not go beyond learning as to how to adjust to the ways of the society to meet our selfish needs that are not natural, but are cultured.

If we learn how to deal with our societies to fulfill our selfish motives, in all likelihood, we will alienate ourselves from other human beings. To diffuse ourselves well with fellow human beings with the intent of   creating a nonviolent and truthful world, we have to nurture our societies. The man badly needs constructive and rejuvenating support from the society he lives in. Alienation has not come upon us by any chance or design, it is our own creation.

The man becomes progressively less and less burdened when his identity is diffused with the identities of his fellow beings, the universe and, then, the eternal source of the infinite creative energy.



[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]