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In this unknown and uncertain world any claims about having known anything or having achieved anything are meaningless. Most of us follow those who are already following others that are also following others. We are an endless chain of followers.

What is our status? If we look ahead of us, we find those whom we follow; if we look behind, we find those who follow us. At best, we are nothing but a point on the endless enclosed path, emanating from infinity and terminating at infinity. The thought of drawing comparisons with others does not recognize the free and potent soul, full of life, that we all individually possess. Our souls emanate from the same source, the Supreme soul; and, as it has been said, terminate into the Supreme soul. We cannot become aware about the existence of our souls as they have no bodies, or form, or anything that our physical (worldly) senses respond to. But, when we make assiduous efforts to acquire the qualities of truthfulness, compassion, courage, nonviolence, honesty, simplicity, freedom from greed and selfishness, eagerness and constant efforts to know what must be known, scientific temperament, patience, humility, self-respect, absence of pride, commitment and resolve, not giving much importance to one’s worldly status, and absence of anger etc.; and regulate our worldly conduct under strict control and guidance of such qualities; we can gradually begin to hear the soft murmur of our soul within us. We can, then, observe changes occurring within ourselves, we can compare us with ourselves. We become our own leaders and our own followers.

This world is full of opportunities for satisfying our sense of achievement. No doubt, the sensory satisfaction, we have just referred to here is worldly, just as the achievements we just talked about also have nothing spiritual about them. But, the rules followed by us and the guidelines of our conduct are based on the qualities that unquestionably are the Godlike qualities. If detachment from the world had been scheduled to be our goal, why the God sent us in this world at all? Was it not for learning the right ways of existing anywhere, in this world or any other world? The day we are born a war is slated for us that we have to fight according to the Divine laws by acquiring the Godlike qualities. Whether we would win or lose is not in our hands, because the outcome is invariably controlled by the God; and, we must gracefully accept Hid decision as He alone can think in terms of the larger good of the entire universe. Those who fight like this, remaining totally committed to the Godly ways, occasionally experience the One who is always considered as a judge by all of us is also fighting next to them from their side. Call it a spiritual experience if you want to.

If the God, whosoever He may be; maybe He is a formless source of infinite energy with the infinite potential of causing, maintaining, sustaining and even destroying a matchless creation for the reasons best known to Him; does not exclude the world we live in from His scheme of things, why should we, on our part, propose our exclusion from this world to understand and realize the God?

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]