Apart from what we know or we don’t know, we can think or we can’t think, what we can learn or we can’t learn, we do or we don’t do and we can do or we can’t do; our life is much influenced by what we share or don’t share and we can share or can’t share with fellow beings. We have willingly or unwillingly accepted to live with others. Maybe, we would suffer physically if we stayed away from others and we suffer both physically and emotionally when we live with others.

Only a very few of us realize that most of the time of their lives is wasted in figuring out how they should live with others instead of utilizing the precious time of their lives in seriously attempting to live rightly. Perhaps, most of us very willingly and often unknowingly accept the job of trying to set right the ways of living with others either by changing themselves or by maneuvering/forcing others to change or both. The major parts of all our interactions and communication with the world pivots on making adjustments with others, instead of pooling in our resources for our own benefit.

We have always been wasting our emotional, intellectual and communication efforts in blaming others, that is, the world around us, for hindering the path we try to adopt. We have also learned that if the path we chose happened to be the right path, we often faced more opposition than what we would have faced otherwise, because the right path usually does not agree much with the world’s ways.

Maybe, we can change this situation completely. Maybe, we can give greater priority to living rightly and righteously, with courage and determination, than what we have given to it so far. Maybe, we can deploy the precious energy we otherwise waste in making adjustments with the world, in overcoming difficulties we face in making the right movements. Perhaps, the world needs strong undercurrents of change. That shall benefit the world as well as us. Why should we be unduly concerned about seeking better adjustments with the world; after all man’s relationship with the world around had never been good enough?

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]