In the modern times spirituality and religion have become trivial parts of our lives, although they are somewhat customary even today. The ancient thinkers gave necessary importance to what should not be done and the people generally complied with such instructions. Perhaps, it was enough for the people to know that if they acted otherwise they would be harmed or punished in the other world. What actually worked in favour of the religion was, perhaps, fear.

How the man must conduct his life; and why he must conduct in a particular way, and not otherwise, could have been outlined by the spirituality and religion to be accepted as the positive and proactive parts of our lives. Man’s efforts for his survival and how he goes about dealing with the problems related to keeping his body and soul together are primarily guided by materialistic considerations. Materialistic considerations, generally, treat worldly things as being lifeless and destructible. Materialistic considerations also make the man treat everything that exists in this world, including the living beings, even the fellow human beings, as the resources necessary for one’s survival. No doubt, there is something selfish and much materialistic about our efforts of survival; but it does not mean that our survival is an inferior aspect of our life not calling for any interference from spirituality and religion.

It had been our constant experience that when we push our efforts for survival away from spirituality and religion, we create many problems for us. While spirituality and religion are for our benefit, our efforts towards our survival cannot be undermined in any way. Exempting our efforts of survival from the spiritual and religious considerations is an error that always becomes difficult to rectify, for, if that is done, the materialistic considerations that thrive on man’s insatiable sensory desires, misdirected intellect and ego grow in strength and expand their field of influence so as to engulf even the spirituality and religion.

The spiritualists and religious leaders who look down upon man’s effort for his physical survival and do not give even a yard’s space to it under the umbrella of spirituality may achieve a lot for them, and them alone, but are sure to deprive the humanity of much that it deserves.

The only job of spirituality and the religion is not that much to make the man fearful of the devil; but, perhaps, it is more to imbibe in him such love for the God and His qualities that no part of man’s life is excluded from it.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]