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Who should we depend on? That is not the right question. Whose opinions or judgments we should rely upon? That also is not the right question. The problem is not that much of our inability to find the right answers to our questions; it is more about preparing ourselves for raising the right questions that must be answered.

Many things of common knowledge about the so called ‘illusory world’ are highly reliable. For example, the relative motion of the planets around the sun can be relied upon. The knowledge that one that begins must end is reliable. We can very confidently say the sun would appear from the east every morning and also that we would all die sooner or later.

Who, including ourselves, but, excluding the God, we should depend on, for our welfare, cannot be ascertained. All those that are known or unknown to us, as also the different components of our existence, such as our body, our intellect, our mind, our senses or our ego do not come to our rescue at crucial junctures. I have excluded the God here, because I have full faith in the efficacy of the Godlike qualities that we are able to imbibe in ourselves, but, I have no faith in any kind of the miraculous power of the God for solving our worldly problems that we create for ourselves by not aligning our thoughts and conduct in accordance with the universal consciousness or the God’s consciousness.

Till the time we do not educate ourselves enough as to how to learn to view the truth in the things that surround us and include us, we will always find it impossible to know what and who may be depended on and what must be relied upon. We must commit ourselves to educate us accordingly and act in that direction, but without losing patience, knowing full well that this is a process, not some kind of a project to be completed by meeting many deadlines; and also that such education never ends, it continues.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]