Man has not created this universe, the planet earth, the nature and himself with a highly equipped body-mind complex that he owns. The cycles of nature maintain and sustain life in this world. Human being is the only living being that makes use of his body and superior intellect to take care of his needs and satisfy his desires. The man’s ever active mind puts never ending demands before him that keeps on converting his desires into more and more of his needs. The synchronization of man’s desire with what is available through perfect operation of natural cycles and what he can make available with his physical and intellectual efforts is of extremely crucial importance. The problems associated with striking a balance between man’s abilities and his desires get compounded because of the destructible nature of life, the unpredictable nature of happenings in life and also the emotional aspects of his life.

The short span of life compels us to think about the meaning, essence and purpose of life. The training of the intellect in selflessness, simplicity and humility helps us in viewing our lives in some kind of a raw form, without pretentious frills; the compassion provides a meaningful comfort of togetherness; and the company of people who have already made some progress in exploring the truth behind life sharpens our thinking and aligns our conduct with the cycles of nature.

If we ponder over the things discussed above, we realize that our mind, the seat of our emotions, needs an ideal entity that can unconditionally act as a guide in all matters known or unknown, true or illusory, comforting or disturbing and keep us assured of positive things in life and thereafter. The eternal orderliness of the universe prompts us to believe that such entity that we refer to as the God, does exist to take care of us. A mind unconditionally and lovingly surrendered to the God gives us much needed relief while we try to do whatever we can do to help us collectively using our body and intellect.

An appropriately trained intellect, a company of people, living or nonliving, who know more than us and have had more experience than us, and a mind unconditionally surrendered to the God; that is what our great scriptures imply in whatever language they speak to us.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]