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4 R

Perhaps it is not difficult to give a lot of oneself to others without being much concerned about one’s self interest. I find many of such types in my immediate surroundings. Many family relationships are of this kind. There are also patriots and compassionate people who dedicate their lives for a cause without worrying about themselves. The man has done much to enrich his social life with the ways that promote selfless duties without seeking any reward there against. We have become so accustomed to such ways that we just cannot imagine the turmoil we would be deep into if those ways did not exist. It is only when we find many of the social traditions being shaken that we realize their true worth.

It is not difficult to understand that we have simply modified our individual self and have formatted it as social self. We sacrifice our individual interest in favour of our social interest to ensure that our individual interests are defended more strongly. No doubt, a few things become more orderly in the man’s life with such arrangements; but the net outcome does not help in growth and development of universal consciousness that is the key to collective freedom and contended meaningful life that is possible by the realization of the perfect selflessness imbibed in the concept of the God and the God’s omnipresent nature.

We find it very difficult to shift our focus from our individual self to our universal existence. We build families to nurture our emotional self, we have societies to protect us from the selfishness of others, we create nations to protect our share of natural resources, and we do everything possible for our benefit, which is for the benefit of our individual self. What we do for ourselves, others also do for themselves; and that results into all kinds of discriminations and distinctions. We do not work in the reverse direction. If we become concerned about our universal existence, the one that is similar to that of the God, the nations and the societies will be automatically taken care of. Then, the nation and societies will be served well, which in turn will serve our families and us.

The God, the light and heat from the sun and the water from the water sources reach out to serve others. It is only the human being that uses his intellect like a funnel to collect everything that he needs or doesn’t need, including sufferings and sorrow. The selfishness is the product of defective intellect. Worshipping various Gods, studies of the great scriptures, committed practices of religious rituals can do no good to us till we reorient our intellect in the right direction. Our Pravrittis (internal call for making efforts for survival) cannot allow us to become absolutely detached with the ways of the world; reorientation of our intellect is the only right answer to all our distractions and to live meaningfully.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]