Thinking of the God as the sustainable laws of life personified has never been as tempting as thinking of Him as a believable entity with unlimited powers and benevolence. The former is a terse philosophy of life demanding unwavering commitments; and the latter is the sweet fragrance of beauty much pleasing to our senses and gratifying to our mind.

All the sets of common demands made to the man as preconditions for a life worth living include the name of the God in the first place. The man has always responded with the thought of pain when the references to his duties are made; and the thought of vague dreams when the references of his wishes are made.

Being much confused by his own responses to his life, it seems the man has stopped taking his life very seriously. There are varieties of philosophies that are being accepted with partial convictions to make our lives go on. Life is an illusion, life is a one-time opportunity to gratify our senses, life is something that must not be taken very seriously to derive the best out of it, and there are many more that we can pick up from, depending on our experiences, training and conditioning. We live our lives distancing our lives from that of the others; living, nonliving and that are yet to live, if the lives of others do not suit ours. We are setting a bad precedence.

The question is how must we accept the concept of the God to make our lives live example of living to inspire others, living or those who are yet to live, to build an environment and set a trend that add value to life, in general. Maybe, then the mankind would be able to realize his full potential. As such, what are we doing today, except for stagnating and degenerating?

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]