Creating something means bringing something into existence that did not exist earlier. The most appropriate example of a creation is this universe along with all that exist therein, whether living or nonliving. The man, the most intelligent creature living in this world ever known to us has failed to even partially understand this creation; hence, it is difficult to believe that he (the man) may, himself, possess any ability of being creative.

My intention is not to undermine the abilities of the man, but to hit at the impudence of those who claim themselves to be creative, implying thereby that they are different and somewhat superior to the fellow human beings.

Working hard with a purpose and finding out something not known to others, which we often refer to as ‘discovery’, must be appreciated. It definitely is a fruit of much hard work even if it happens to be a ‘discovery by chance’. Even such discovery is preceded by a rigorous search for something else and a laboriously acquired ability to ‘recognize’ the meaningfulness and usefulness of something unexpectedly appearing during such search. Discovery definitely is a fruit of much drudgery and patience. Similarly, the invention is also, generally, a happy outcome of great efforts one puts in to solve a vital problem.

Yet another effort worth appreciating is of those who undergo great penance to sift out the essence of something that has been made unduly complicated due to the lack of understanding by others or unfair intentions. Often, serious and genuine efforts to reveal the truth behind things benefit others and rightly serve many who suffer due to the truth having been made cumbersome and confusing.

Last, but, undoubtedly, the most important effort is serving others selflessly, particularly those who are in desperate need of help from the fellow human beings.

The man does very well by doing what he can do with his body and intellect, that is, working hard selflessly with dedication in trying to extend some benefit to the fellow living beings. Trying to present something in a new and appealing form may be a good intellectual exercise for the one who gets involved in it, but it cannot be accepted as the right use of intellect. The right use of intellect is extending the maximum possible benefit to the maximum number of people.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]