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Religion is about the willing acceptance of self-restraint with utmost humility. If spirituality is the soul of living meaningfully, purposefully and truthfully; religious faith may be understood as the body of such life.

The man has created societies for his own survival and benefit. He lovingly nurtured the society he lived in and endeavored to enable it with provisions that infuse, instill and impart in the man the qualities of self restraint, sacrifice and humility with intentions of protecting the humanity from all thoughts, conduct and words that may cause internal or external injuries of physical or spiritual nature. The process of infusion of an ensemble of such qualities, called religion, begins from the day the man is born. The indelible imprints of religion make the man much different from animals.

No animal can cause more harm to anybody than what it is capable of causing. Animal behavior is constrained by the nature; human behavior has to be restrained through self-efforts. Religions are religions because they help individual human being to willingly accept and inculcate deep within them the qualities of self-restraint, sacrifice, compassion and humility.

Willingness cannot be imposed. Hence, there cannot be anything pretentious, ostentatious, enforcing and violent about religions. Religion is about restraining oneself, therefore, there can only be scope for self-rectification and self-punishment; and, never for correcting others. Religion is about sacrifice; therefore, there cannot be any scope of violence. Religion is about humility; therefore, there is no scope for being proud about it.

What is being generally referred to as ‘religion’ these days in a much casual manner may be anything; but, it definitely is not the religion that was conceptualized and installed by our ancestors.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]