We indulge in something to run away from many other things. Being not much satisfied with the thing we got indulged with, we try to indulge in some other thing. This goes on and on.

Whatever we are able to see, hear or touch might or might not satisfy us, if it does satisfy us that often happen for a short span of time, and we need to shift our attention to some other thing. Objects do not make us happy, our feelings are so vulnerable that they get easily hurt, our intellect confuses us and our ego does not allow us to sleep.

There had been times when not many objects existed in one’s surroundings. There were mountains, rivers, trees, plants, animals, birds and a very few objects that people had to satisfy their basic needs; still many went to the forests in search of peace and kept their eyes closed for hours. They felt that men, including themselves, were also objects. Today we have increased the number of objects manifolds. The objects that surround us demand our attention; they sing (but, not like the birds sing), shout, dance (but, not like the branches of trees), changes their shapes and colours, appear, disappear and reappear (but, not like the shadows of the clouds); they involve us, snap ties with us; they pretend to like or love us, they mock at us and even scold us; in a nutshell, they exhaust us. Most of us have surrendered to the objects; but a few do try to close their eyes for a few minutes, with their minds, not much detached from the objects, only to participate in the show once again, feeling proud of them that they became different from others by having tried to move away from the objects. However, if there are a few, who really find peace by the methods they adopt, we need to learn from them.

There are many who are not overawed by the overwhelming presence of objects in their surroundings. They have surrendered themselves to the quality of compassion, each one of us is born with. Their eyes wide open to see only the people who are in some pain, their minds always preoccupied with the desire of finding some remedy to eliminate others’ pains, their intellect searching for solutions that may eradicate the suffering of others, their bodies working to help those who need help and their egos merging with ego of humanity; they are the people who are at peace. Such people teach us without uttering a word or writing a single sentence that this dreaded world can be tamed easily, if we don’t view it as an object for our personal use only.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]