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The infinite source that offers tangible or intangible substance to add value to one’s life cannot be explored without sharpening focus on what one wants to acquire. And, there is no other way of sharpening the focus, but to detach ourselves from all that distracts our attention, lures, confuses or creates doubt. True detachment is not running away from situations that we have been put in; but, in fact, it is either managing them efficiently or willfully abandoning them, if they are essentially irrelevant or useless as weeds to all who are entrapped in such situations. Predominantly, detachment is a state of mind, rather than the cessation of the essential physical activities for sustaining life in this world.

Detachment is the purest form of leading one’s life away from fear, remorse, anger, greed, pride, contempt and that of the suppression of natural human emotions to fulfill the void created by the realization of man’s incompleteness. Detachment cannot also be some kind of constant and rigorous intellectual effort; it can only be an emotionally congenial discipline to abstain from over indulgence with desires to fill the illusory emptiness ill-conceived by the human mind that erroneously underlines what we do not have, instead of all that our lives are enriched with.

Further, detachment is a process that is automatically triggered when we begin to view our life the way we must view it, which is, accepting it as a part of an essential natural universal process of energetic transformation of what is not true into what is true.

Detachment can never be a target, because it always remains partially achieved, till it is achieved at some moment without one being aware of it.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]