It is extremely difficult to communicate ‘selflessness’, what to say of emitting it. The moment we try to do it, our own selfishness surfaces from somewhere within us, stealthily, without our knowing or noticing it. Perhaps, that is the reason why most of the seekers of selflessness land up wearing only interrupted smiles on their faces. Perhaps, then, the God is the only entity (or nonentity) in this universe (or beyond it) that has succeeded in transmitting some selflessness to us.

The question is if we should continue to nurture some hope for weaving a world of our own that is relatively more selfless than ever. It, no doubt, is a tough question to answer, for, if we lose hope, we lose our enthusiasm to live meaningfully; and if we do not, we may be condemned to face repeated failures ever and ever again.

If we sharpen our understanding, we will find, while hope and despair, success and failure or loss and gain, etc. are the two sides of the same coin; the selflessness and selfishness are not. While the hope, success and gain elates us, individually; and the despair, failure and loss depress or hurt us, once again, individually; our selflessness elates all and hurts none. The selflessness is something in which the entire universe baths constantly. We can absorb selflessness and reflect selflessness, but, perhaps, can never emit it, not being a source or reservoir of it. We can only seek selflessness; we cannot deliver it. In the matter of selflessness, we can only be humbler than the humblest. Having any dreams about weaving a selfless world of our own is a flawed process of our ‘I-am-ness’ or ego.

We must always be vigilant ‘absorbents’ and humble and faithful ‘reflectors’ of whatever selflessness is bestowed on us.

[The writer of this blog is also the author of “Mahatma A Scientist of the Intuitively Obvious” and “In Search of Our Wonderful Words”.]